It is rather embarrassing for the Councillors that every time this argument is made, one has to insert a sentence reiterating that the rule of law was broken.

I am no supporter of Andover Town Council or the elected cowards in Andover (who only have their concrete balls to admire) and in fact, I did campaign and voted for the “no nonsense” independent Russell Tarrant a while ago.

But such is the lack of quality of debate in these climes that I have to go ahead and insert this disclaimer. That done, let’s go on…

When our laws are wilfully disobeyed, as was done with the Cenotaph back in ’56. and when the law is continually disobeyed as is being done by the current elected “Custodians” of the Cenotaph, and when the voice of the people is continually ignored and without consultation, then you set the stage for others, especially those who believe that they are backed by the memory of those brave men of Andover, to do the same, without any fear of consequence.

it must be pointed out at this stage that the council of ’56 broke the law by removing the Cenotaph even after a petition by the great lady from Andover Mrs. F. Pickett who lost her sons in the Great War.

The Cenotaph was a “Covenant”, paid for by the townsfolk who donated their hard earned money to have the monument built and erected. IT DID NOT BELONG TO THE COUNCIL! The Rule of Law is – You Cannot Contravene a Covenant, therefore by moving the monument the law was broken.

It is no accident that the judiciary, corrupt or not, is meant to be the last hope of the common man. The only way the judiciary can be this hope, and stave off anarchy in society, is when all men within its jurisdiction, and all bodies, are perceived as being beholden to it. If we have laws that apply to some and do not apply to others, the natural trajectory will be that all men will aim to be above the law. The only end product of this can be anarchy.

Really, let’s think about this with a modicum of common-sense here. If you were the new “Kit” on the block, wouldn’t you want to do the right thing for Andover and put right the wrong done to those brave men and their families?

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