The law on workplace pensions has changed. Part of this process has transferred more duties and responsibilities onto the employer.

You may have or will be receiving a letter soon from The Pension Regulator asking you to make certain that your company is compliant with the legislation.

If an employer has at least one member of staff then, if these staff meet certain criteria, the employer will legally need to provide a workplace pension scheme for them and an employer will need to contribute towards it.

Sole trader and director only firms must be compliant with the legislation (although they will not require a workplace pensions saving scheme).

Many employers believe as their ‘staging date’ is some time away that they will delay sorting out their responsibilities however it should be noted that it is not possible to implement the requirements overnight. Some employers (wrongly) believe that their software or accountant will complete the whole process for them.

Our shortened presentation will highlight some of the key information contained in the 600 pages of legislation and inform you, how the legislation directly relates to YOUR business.

We work with business by helping them to become compliant with the legislation

The rules are not optional and failure to comply will result in severe escalating penalties!


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