Local News | National Motorbike Week with Hampshire PoliceHampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police are marking the ACPO National Motorcycle Week of Action (starting today 30/3) with the release of an innovative film shot from a police motorcyclist’s perspective.

The film shows an advanced police motorcycle trainer from the Joint Operations Unit (JOU), which is the collaborated unit between both forces, on a police bike. The rider is can be heard talking through what he is observing, considering and doing as part of his journey on the road, with the camera placed in different places around him so that the film comes from his viewpoint.

The idea is that riders can watch the film and get an appreciation of what an advanced ride entails as the police rider encounters potential hazards and dangers while riding, thus providing an insight into advanced riding techniques.

The film has been launched as part of Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police’s support for the ACPO campaign and in conjunction with BikeSafe, a police-led motorcycle casualty reduction initiative run by many forces across the UK, including Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police.

The purpose of the ACPO week is to improve rider behaviour, improve road safety and contribute to a reduction in the number of killed and seriously injured motorcyclist casualties.

Inspector Bob Jarrett, of the JOU Roads Policing Department, is responsible for the unit’s motorcycles and BikeSafe scheme. He said: “The main aim of the film is to give riders a flavour of advanced riding techniques through being ‘on board’ while a police rider talks his way along some of the roads where the motorcycling public have been involved in crashes.

“Some of the riders may not consider some issues and features to be hazards worthy of caution or action in the same way that a police rider will perceive them.

“The film which is aimed to be the start of a series of similar features covering various aspects within motorcycling will not turn you into an instant riding expert. Instead we are hoping this and other films will provide a potentially life-saving insight, not just for motorcyclists, but for all motorists.”


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