Local Andover News | Motorway Gold Digger Strikes Again | Andover & VillagesHampshire Police have issued a warning, after another incident of a driver being scammed for money on the area’s roads.

On 1st July 2016, a female was driving onto the M3 Slip Road at Twyford, and was flagged down by a man on the hard shoulder.

Advertise with Andover & Villages - Cost Effective Advertising The driver pulled over to help, the male got into her car and demanded money supposedly for fuel, she reluctantly handed over £80 cash before he threw some jewellery at her and got out of the vehicle.

The victim described the male as dark skinned with a stocky build, around 5’7” tall, wearing a dark suit and white shirt.

This is the latest in a long list of incidents involving a man of a similar description, with locations ranging from the length of the A303, Motorways M3 and M4 and village roads around Andover.

In each recorded incident, the man flags down passing motorists, says he needs money for petrol and will give over gold in return, which he explains is more valuable than the cash being handed over. The gold never turns out to be of any value.







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