A survey of 1,021 UK adults carried out by interiors etailer, Furniture123, found that men are the vainer sex, as men confess to admiring their reflection 28 times each day, whilst women did so 21 times each day.

Despite men looking in the mirror more often, the research data found it was women who look in the mirror for longer on each occasion, as they confess to spend an average 42 minutes each day, which equates to more than 10 days (10.65) per year.

In comparison to women, men spend an average of 31 minutes per day gazing in the mirror which equates to almost eight days (7.79) per year.

The survey also quizzed respondents on their selfie habits, the research found that Brits take on average 8 selfies before posting them on social media.

The data revealed that men take on average five selfies before settling on the perfect picture, while women capture 11 before they are happy to share with the world.

Despite spending so long primping and preening in front of the mirror, 80% of Brits said they edit and filter images of themselves to improve their appearance before sharing with friends and family on social media.

Mark Kelly said, “From the research it’s clear to see that both men and women take pride in their appearance on a daily basis and it’s also surprising to see how many days this equates to each year.

“The ever-growing selfie trend on social media has undoubtedly made Britons more aware of their appearance. However, despite spending so long looking at their reflection a large number of British adults still feel the need to tweak and edit their images to meet certain standards before choosing to share them on social media.”

Liverpool locals were found to be the vainest city in the UK spending an average of 45 minutes gazing at their reflection, a whole eight and a half minutes longer than the national average.

Nottingham residents were found to be the least vain city in the UK, spending an average of 29 minutes admiring their reflection each day.

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