Andover Test Valley Borough Council Member Champions

A number of community champions have been appointed by the council’s cabinet to help develop ideas and policy for the next four years.

Six councillors have been named as Member Champions, who will advise Test Valley Borough Council’s cabinet in areas including community resilience, the armed forces and diversity.

As well as advising cabinet members, the Member Champions will also help to develop ideas that will contribute towards the delivery of the council’s Corporate Plan and Corporate Action Plan.

Councillor Carl Borg-Neal is the Member Champion for the armed forces, while councillor Phil Lashbrook will oversee community safety and resilience. The areas of culture and heritage will be looked after by councillor Dorothy Baverstock, while councillor Karen Hamilton is the Member Champion for equality and diversity.

The community councillor role has been given to councillor Chris Donnelly, while councillor Iris Andersen is the Member Champion for the community and voluntary sector.

Leader, councillor Phil North, said: “I have made a commitment to enable more councillors to be involved in helping the cabinet in the development of our ideas and policy. In order to achieve this aim, we developed the role of a Member Champion which will allow us to benefit from the experience, knowledge and interests of non-cabinet members.

“It is always beneficial to hear from those who have a passion for a certain area and with the expertise of so many people available, it makes sense to listen to what they have to say about the communities they represent.”

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