McDonalds Andover breakfast times
Credit: McDonalds UK

McDonald’s in ANDOVER has recently been apart of the announcement that McDonald’s will be extending it’s breakfast hours after trialling in seven locations (you can get a McMuffin until 11.00am.)

If the scheme proves successful, the company says it will roll out the later breakfast service nationwide. The current 10.30am cut-off point has been in place for nearly 25 years.

Trials in seven locations including Portsmouth and The Isle Of Wight have been ongoing for the last six weeks have proven successful.

Unfortunately, this means that the ‘Lunchtime’ menu will not be available until 11.00am

Only 10% of McDonald’s restaurants in the UK will now offer extended breakfast hours, and they’re all in the South East.

If successful across the South East, McDonald’s will extend the times nation-wide.

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