Mark Way School in Andover have been adding some colour to their already beautiful outside area, with help from local artist Lea Stubberfield, from Rockjelly Mosaics. Lea met Art Teacher, Kay Bone, at the Hawk Conservancy Craft Fair and was invited to visit the school to see if a project could be launched, to involve the children.

It was decided to make Mosaic tiles to cover the small breeze block walls that run around the garden area, in readiness for a garden makeover, which would see the blocks being painted blue along with the surrounding doors and walls from the classrooms that overlook the pretty, secluded garden.

Andover & Villages arrived as Lea and two students, Reece and Charlie, were grouting the final 4 tiles with a sticky black messy grout. Everyone wore gloves as they plastered the mixture onto the walls, ensuring it was pressed into all of the cracks. It was a very messy job but everyone seemed to enjoy it. Reece told AaV, “It was really hard to choose what to do for my tile and I changed my mind a lot, but in the end chose a football theme and did the bird from the Tottenham badge.”

Lea told us, “The children created their designs on a mesh using broken pieces of tile. When completed, they were attached to the wall using adhesive, which is when the grouting process began. The children have been involved from start to completion and seemed to have really enjoyed it.”

The new wall looks absolutely fantastic, and there are plans by the school to continue the mosaics themselves around the whole of the wall, something that will not only lift the garden, but leave a lasting reminder of everyone who contributed to the task.

Whilst on our visit, we were shown some fantastic art projects by new art teacher, Julie Telford, who has implemented changes to the way the Art GCSE is done by the Mark Way students, bringing in ‘3D Art’. Julie told AaV, “This way of doing art is much more appealing to the children. The project you are seeing here (see pictures) were all completed using recyclable materials.”

Mark Way School has recently been given a ‘Good’ Ofsted rating.

Lea is available to schools, businesses and communities to bring mosaic projects to life. You can contact her through her website:

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