Andover police hunt for intruder

A violent attack took place last year in February. The victim Michael Castle had been drinking with his former employee Richard Street, of Stiles Drive, Andover.

36-year-old Richard got into touch with Michael Castle through Facebook prior to losing contact.

The court heard that Richard Street had already had “two lines of cocaine” prior to the engagement.

Mr Street and Mr Castle decided to walk into Andover town centre in the early hours of 22nd of February and discovered the pubs were all closed and returned to Mr Street’s home.

Street’s stepson asked for them to be quieter, but Street became aggressive and had his fists clenched.

Mr Castle urged Mr Street to “calm down mate” but Street grabbed a knife and caused an “eight-centimetre” wound in his victim’s neck.

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The victim’s proposal statement, Mr Castle said he had nightmares about Mr Street being on top of him and not being able to get out of the situation.

Mr Castle said he has become a “shy and withdrawn person” following the attack.

Winchester Crown Court on Friday, jailed Street for 30 months, after he admitted to his crime, wounding with intent.

The Judge accepted both men were intoxicated, but said “you did a highly dangerous thing which could have been a catastrophic injury”


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