On 21 June, Clean Air Day sees Hampshire schools, workplaces and communities making a pledge to take action locally as part of a UK-wide initiative to reduce air pollution. Simple actions such as walking to school, car-sharing or switching off idling car engines will contribute significantly to healthier air quality.

Councillor Patricia Stallard, Executive Member for Public Health at Hampshire County Council, explained: “Everybody can have a positive influence on air quality so we are backing the campaign to inspire residents, workplaces and schools to pledge to take action so that we can all breathe cleaner air on 21 June.

Children are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of air pollution, so we are extremely keen for families with school-age children to understand what a positive impact they can have on local air quality by walking, cycling or taking a scooter to school instead of hopping in the car.”

The County Council’s My Journey team is working with schools across Hampshire to encourage more cycling and walking to school. St Bede CoE Primary School in Winchester has taken up the baton by organising a ‘No Idling’ poster competition, in partnership with Hampshire City Council and Winchester City Council, to encourage motorists to switch their engines off whilst waiting at the kerbside, and the winning posters are being displayed around the city.

A further 24 Hampshire schools have signed up to ‘Choose a clean air way today’ resources which range from a ‘no idling’ event to a clean air picnic.

The awareness day is aiming to spread the word nationally using the hashtag #cleanairday on social media.

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