There is a fantastic well kept secret in Andover, located in Bridge Street, Andover, Dorthe Thomas Spa is a place where miracles are performed as you are whisked away to a land of relaxation and tranquillity. Dorthe (pronounced Dorda) has been providing treatments to the Women and Men of Andover & Villages from the top of the Andover High Street for over a year, with a vast range of treatments available, from Waxing to Weight Loss Treatments, there is something for everyone at this beautiful Spa.

I started visiting Dorthe after noticing the treatments for body sculpture on her great website (, after losing lots of weight and with more to go, I wanted to ensure that my skin remained able to bounce back and after doing some research on the treatments available, I decided on the I-Lipo Laser, which is a non invasive treatment and is not meant to be used as a replacement to healthy eating and exercise, but is a compliment to it.

The treatment is started with elasticated belts being fitted around the treatment area, on to these are hooked 10 large (sometimes cold) metal blocks, they are positioned carefully and the treatment begins. Both patient and practitioner wear safety googles to protect the eyes from damage and the laser is turned on, it is not at all painful and a red light can be seen glowing from the blocks. The laser is a low level cold laser and its purpose is to melt (or empty) the fat cells in the treatment area, these are then released in to the lymphatic system where the fat is discarded from the body. It is important to exercise after the treatment so that the body can burn off the fat. Dorthe recommends drinking 2-3 litres of water to flush your system through.

The main benefit to me as a client using M.E.L.T is the claim that this treatment will help with ‘sculpting and tight skin’, my fear in losing a lot of weight is that I will end up with saggy skin that I will have to tuck into my knickers! In the words of L’Oreal – I’m worth it. This is an investment in myself.

The treatment is not overly cheap, however it is lower cost than most other places that offer the treatment and the service given by Dorthe is not one that illustrates money grabbing, before having the treatment Dorthe made sure that I was in a mental position to have the treatment, ensuring I was not looking for a quick fix and that my lifestyle was in place to support the treatment in terms of exercise and healthy eating.

Importantly, Dorthe has used the treatment herself with great results and I absolutely believe that no treatment would be undertaken without a seal of approval from her personally.

A one off treatment costs £50, and a free session on the Power Plate, normally worth over £75!*

*Offer available until 30th June 2014

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