Shaun Dyson charged with murder

man described as “jealous and violent” allegedly beat his estranged wife to death after telling her to “swallow their wedding ring” in a “brutal attack”, a court heard.

Shaun Dyson, 28, is being charged with Lucy Anne Rushton’s murder, 30, by jumping and stamping on her, at their home in Andover, Hampshire.

Winchester Crown Court, Simon Jones, a solicitor, told the Winchester Crown Court that in 2010 the pair had tied the knot at Gretna Green, and fell into a “history of domestic violence”.

Mr Jones said: “The defendant’s and Lucy’s relationship is probably best described as toxic. “Lucy was killed by the defendant; she was the victim of a prolonged and very severe beating, culminating in repeated stamping or jumping or both on her chest and while she was laid on her back.”

He continued: “There was no justification for blow after blow, kick after kick, stamp after stamp on Lucy. This was borne out of jealous rage in a violent man.” He said that a witness had seen the defendant say to Ms Rushton in the early hours: “Swallow the ring because we are not together any more.”

He said the witness told her that Ms Rushton placed the ring in her mouth, but she did not swallow it because it was found later on the stairs.

Mrs. Rushton told her family that in the months before she died she was afraid that Dyson would kill her. Mr Jones said that in February, Ms Rushton had also raised concerns about the defendant and that he “had a bag ready with a change of clothes and weapons”.

Mr Jones continued: “The fact that Lucy had concerns for her life shortly before she was killed is a significant indication of the state of the relationship and the concern Lucy had of the defendant, who could turn to violence on the most extreme scale with the most extreme consequences.

He added: “It’s not disputed the defendant killed Lucy. We say what happened that night was not a momentary loss of control but the culmination of previous episodes of violence.

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