Staff and students at the Wellington Academy will take part in the Nation’s biggest bake sale this summer to raise key funds for a military charity close to their hearts.

It will be the second year that pupils from the school have signed up to Bake for Heroes, the Help for Heroes campaign which often sees hundreds of schools, businesses and individuals rolling up their sleeves and putting on their aprons.

Wellington Academy’s cookery teacher, Rachel Tuliva, estimated that half of the students were from Armed Forces families, with several witnessing the effects of mental and physical injuries sustained in the line of duty, making it a very personal day.

She said: “Because we are a military based school within a large garrison town, students and staff alike often have close connections to the Charity. Many of our students, staff, family and friends know someone who has been affected by past conflicts. The charity is therefore often a poignant part of their lives.”

Mrs Tuliva added that it was important to raise awareness of the “plight and suffering” that many current, and former Service Personnel experience. But encouraged those with a passion for cooking and baking to join in and earn their stripes.

She said: “As a department (Design Technology), we are huge advocates of Help for Heroes, and there is obviously a huge connection to the military in the school. “It was our first event last year, and it was a fantastic day, with everyone in high spirits. “Everyone got involved, and with the Charity’s decorations spread around the school it was quite a magical experience.”

The school raised more than £700 in 2017, and it is a figure that Mrs Tuliva hopes to smash this year.

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