Abbots Ann Nursery

The fresh quiet book corner and dinner services in a nursey in Test Valley will quickly feature a Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) grant.

The school received a £ 1,000 Community Benefit previously in this year, which “helped to improve the school” according to the school’s secretary, Anna Cottam. Abbotts Ann Nursery School was granted a Good Ofsted in May.

The grant allowed the nursery to buy a fresh book and a dinner trolley.

Anna said: “The modifications we are creating are so great to look at. The book corner provides the kids with a secure and quiet room. They usually stroll through the room to get their lunchcase, but we can take it to them with our fresh trolley, which is much better. “A fresh safe outdoor barrier is installed by the nursery, which ensures the kids remain safe while the front gate is always open.

“This is an extremely welcome addition to the Council grant,” Anna Ward manager, Maureen Flood, replied. “This is really the core of our society, which makes me pleased to assist them with this grant.,” she said, “The kids of this great kindergarten genuinely is one of our top priorities. They also buy panels in the book corner, security equipment and dinner cart.

“I am glad that the nursery has made use of the funding and looks forward to making the new activities now available for children.” The Community Grant program of the Council of Test Valley helps to finance initiatives led by the community up to two-thirds of the total cost. Local advisors allocate up to £ 1.000 to initiatives, depending on residents ‘ input and thoughts, that they recognize as fulfilling a group need.

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