Local Housebuilder Brings £45 Million Investment To Local Area

A housebuilder headquartered in Hungerford has released research this week revealing that in the last financial year it brought £45million in investment to the local area.

The figures, which form part of the company’s socio-economic footprint, reveal that David Wilson Homes Southern built 701 homes between July 2014 and June 2015 and it has calculated the effect this new housing has had on the local economy.

While the company itself has made more than £35million of contributions to councils and into infrastructure and affordable housing for local people, it also calculates that the local economy has benefited from £9.8million of additional spending in shops and services from the residents of new homes they have built. This spending alone supports more than 120 retail and service-related jobs.

The managing director of David Wilson Homes Southern, Paul Crispin said “While people are often aware of the thousands of jobs we create and support directly in the areas we build new homes, this research highlights the investment we also bring to local communities and the economy.

“Each year we spend tens of millions of pounds on affordable housing, roads, community facilities, environmental improvements and infrastructure and our customers also make a huge difference to shops and services in the local area.”

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