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We ate today at the most picturesque pub The Hatchet Inn at Lower Chute.

Outside is beautiful, with lots of seating in a large well kept garden. Inside was just as amazing, apparently it dates back to the 13th century. I noticed lots of “Polite Notices”. The first one on the front door saying keep your dog on a lead. I opened the door to a barking dog coming running out at me and NOT on a lead. After regaining my composure, I entered again to see if it was under control, it was.

There are blackboards either side of the doorway with quite large menus on, stating that as it’s all home cooked it could take a while when busy. I opted for a cheddar ploughmans, and my guest had his usual favourite steak and ale pie. Service was quite quick and efficient.

I was disappointed with my ploughmans, as I always expect pickled onions and coleslaw with a ploughmans. This was more salad and warm bread with a hunk of cheese and pot of pickle. The salad consisted of 1/4 of a tomato, 2 slices of cucumber, leaves, red onion and loads of raw peppers (I can’t eat raw peppers). The dressing was a little bitter for my taste too. The butter for the bread came in a cheap nasty plastic pot. I think it could have been done better for £7.25.

The homemade steak and ale pie at £10.95 went down very well. This was served with chips and veg on a separate plate, as the pie pastry topping was so large, you couldn’t fit anything else on the plate!

It was all cooked nicely and enjoyed.

While eating our dinner the dog NOT on a lead came and jumped up on the seat on our table. Due to this reason, I would only give a silver award.

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