Local News | Lib Dems Gloat Over Town Council Take OverAndover’s local Liberal Democrats continue to contradict themselves to the electorate, in the run up to the 2015 election.

Despite all seven of the Liberal Democrat candidates declaring themselves as ‘independent’ in the Andover Town Council nomination papers, on Twitter today, the Millway section of the local Lib Dems posted ‘Tories are OUT of Town Council.. brace yourself for a Brave New World..’

The Conservatives left the Town Council en-masse this year, believing the Town Council should be run by community minded individuals and not political parties, this information received the response from the Lib Dems; “Goodbye.. now it’s in the hands of people who care”

Andover & Villages asked the Lib Dem Twitter page if it thought Andover Town Council should be political and they replied,”We think the Town Council should be effective.” and then “Anyone who wishes Andover well wants to see an effective Town Council..”

Thirteen people were elected unopposed to Andover Town Council due to low candidate numbers, meaning Liberal Democrats will make up more than half of the Town Council after 7th May 2015.

None of the Liberal Democrats standing for Andover Town Council declared their political interest on their nomination papers, Barbara Long and Katherine Bird, declared in print on election leaflets, that they were not affiliated to any political party.

The seven Liberal Democrats who have been elected unopposed are;

Barbara Carpenter

Barbara Long

Len Gates

Christopher Ecclestone

Kevin Hughes

Robin Hughes

Katherine Bird

Local News | Lib Dems Gloat Over Town Council Take Over

Local News | Lib Dems Gloat Over Town Council Take Over

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