What's On | Lee Hurst is Mucking About at The Lights | Andover & VillagesLee Hurst, one of Britain’s most-loved comedians, is back with an all-new show at The Lights on 12 April

This tour will be Lee’s tenth full-length comedy show. It is a show jam-packed with laughs. So it is simply called ‘Mucking About’

In his new show Lee will be exploring the relationship between…

No he won’t, he’ll be leaving that old twaddle to comedians at the Edinburgh Festival. There’s no journey or message. If you want to go on a journey, buy an airplane ticket. If you want a deep message, run your voicemail through a sub-base woofer. If you want plenty of laughs this is for you. Lee will be turning up, lobbing gags and funny stuff at you from all angles. An hilarious night is about to hit town. That’s why the show has a no-nonsense title.

Having earned his stripes over twenty years ago as a circuit comic and one of the best telly warm-up men in the business, Lee was quickly promoted to being a regular face on comedy panel shows including They Think It’s All Over and Have I Got News For You, which is how he became a household name.

Currently, Lee enjoys performing live to audiences all over the country, and has a reputation for being a master of his craft, who can artfully control any crowd. His combined quick wit, sharp observation and easy manner make an evening in Lee’s company a fun night out, which is why Lee’s fans are a dedicated bunch.

Lee Hurst is a no-nonsense comedian whose sole purpose is to make audiences laugh.

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