Mental Health

Leading disability charity Enham Trust this week launched an innovative mental health awareness campaign; encouraging others to talk more openly about mental ill health concerns and associated challenges, in an attempt to end the stigma surrounding this still taboo subject.

Forecast as the leading cause of disability – recognised by the World Health Organisation – by 2020, mental health issues affect 1 in 4 people living in Britain each year; with 1 in 10 adults in this country alone struggling with depression at any one time.

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Sharing statistics, personal stories, and tips & advice across social media platform’s and the newly launched Enham Trust blog, the charity aims to raise awareness for the struggles surrounding mental ill health; the individuals it affects, and the support network around them.

“What would you think if I told you I was disabled? Would you picture me typing as I sit in a wheelchair? Maybe you think someone is typing for me,” writes Jessi in a blog post for Enham Trust. “My disability is a mental health condition. I have many diagnoses but the simplest way to describe it is depression. Some days I function quite “normally” but other days I may not get out of bed.

“Depression is a word that is bandied about so casually these days that it has almost lost meaning. It is such a vague description that it can cover everything from feeling a bit low for a while to someone who is suicidal. Personally I see it as more of a spectrum, similar to autism, with people needing varying levels of support and medical intervention.”

Reaching out to organisations, individuals, and families via social media, the Trust’s Mental Health Awareness campaign – running from 15 th to 24 th August – asks followers on both Facebook & Twitter to share their own tips & advice for positive mental health and wellbeing, using the hashtag: #MentalWellbeingTips To read more about the issues concerning mental health & wellbeing, please visit:, and share your stories via Enham Trust’s social media channels:

 Enham Trust’s Facebook:

 Enham Trust’s Twitter: @EnhamTrust #MentalWellbeingTips

For more information about Enham Trust, please visit:

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