Layering Your Home for WinterAutumn is my most favourite time of the year. Its a time when we retreat back into our homes and realise how much we need their warmth and protection. It is the season when we prepare for the long, dark nights ahead. A home should reflect the changing seasons: autumn and winter conjure up images of candlelight, full log baskets, chunky throws, tweed cushions, thick pile rugs and warm, dramatic colours.

Why shouldn’t we change the look of our home, just as we change the look of our wardrobe with the changing season? By adding some scented candles; treating ourselves to some wonderful new table lamps with exquisite, bespoke lampshades; changing our sofa cushions for something with more texture and by adding a sumptuous cashmere, faux fur or velvet throw – we are preparing ourselves for the long months of winter ahead. Now is the time to invest in that wonderful new paint colour to dramatically alter the mood of your home or perhaps you would love a new pair of curtains or some beautiful vintage cushions?

If you would like to treat your home in time for Christmas but are unsure where to start, why not contact Kave Williams for a design consultation at £50 per hour or a paint colour consultation again at £50 per hour. We are also running a series of colour workshops at our studio for clients who want to find our more about their preferred colour palette, which makes choosing colour a more confident and rewarding experience. For information on any of these please drop us a line at or visit our website for more information. Alternatively please call Katie on 07880712463 or Gloria on 07595295423.

It is at this time of year when our homes provide us with the most comfort, why not reward it back?

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