Local News | Last Chance to Object to New Leisure Centre Plans | Andover & VillagesThe BBC are intending to attend the planning meeting tonight at Andover’s Baptist Church, to discuss the impending take over of Andover Leisure Centre by Places for People.

The takeover is due to take place on 1st April 2017, however a group of concerned Andover citizens have come together to form the ‘Andover Leisure Centre Action Group’. At the helm, local Kirsty Gray is rallying the troops and meeting with local politicians and business owners to implore TVBC to take a breath on the plans and to press pause for a more intense public consultation.

Kirsty said, “It’s D Day for Andover Leisure Centre. I think as a community we should continue to stand proud. We stood up for what we believed in, for the quality sports and leisure facilities that we all believe Andover deserves, not some halfway decent attempt unfit for purpose.

“Andover deserves a lasting legacy for generations to come. TVBC this should be seen as a lesson, a lesson that our community has a voice. We all deserve to be heard.

“Don’t forget it’s not over until the fat lady sings, please come down to show your support at 5.30pm this evening at Andover Baptist church on Charlton Road.”

Hampshire County Councillor Tony Hooke will be attending the meeting and has 90 seconds to speak, along with several other registered objectors to the plans.

Andover Town Council objected to the plans when they were initially consulted, and now many of the councillors, including the Chairperson, Katherine Bird are assisting in the fight to reverse the decision.

The meeting is at Andover Baptist Church on Charlton Road at 5.30pm on Thursday 30th March 2017.

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