Lady Makes Lunch - Salmon and Butterbean Salad

Back on the Weight Watchers plan, I decided to try out a new Weight Watchers recipe for a Salmon and Broadbean salad. Despite not being a fish lover, I know that salmon is a quick and easy food that is also low fat and I am committed to the cause!

Firstly, the ingredients are quite cheap and easy to obtain. I used a lot more than the recipe dictated as I was making it for three of us. I firstly like that the recipe uses sweet potato, because it gives a new edge to the meal. I started off by cooking the potato and broccoli and then prepared the salmon for grilling, I decided to sprinkle chilli flakes onto the fish to give more flavour to the meal. I felt that the ingredients in the recipe may end up with quite a bland taste.

After cooking the fish and flaking it, I mixed all of the components together and served it up into 3 bowls for myself and two friends. One of my friends does not like fish at all. He did try it, but was unable to finish it, however my other friend absolutely loved it and ate both his bowl and the unfinished one.

I really liked the meal, but I am glad I added chilli as it gave a really nice kick and just the right amount of warmth. I wasn’t keen on the butterbeans, but the peppery Floretta salad I had chosen gave another flavour dimension. I would definitely make this again, perhaps without the butterbeans, but definitely with the chilli! 

The recipe is below – free on Filling and Healthy and only a Pro Points value of 13.

13ProPoints® Value

Prep time:  10 min

Cook time:  15 min

Other time:  0 min

Serves: 1




100 g Fish, Salmon, Grilled, flaked   


50 g Beans, Butter, Cooked or Canned   


100 g Sweet Potato, boiled or baked, cubed   


20 g (as purchased) Walnut Halves, chopped   


50 g Broccoli, Green, Boiled in Unsalted Water, cooked and cooled   


1 bag(s) Florette Mixed Salad   


2 tablespoons Lemon Juice   


·       Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl, drizzle with the lemon juice and season to taste.

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