Lady Does Lunch with Born 2 Bake Cakes for the Weekend

Born 2 Bake
September 2013

We decided to try a Born 2 Bake cake last weekend as all my children had been away for the week in one way or another and as I am so busy now with the Andover & Villages website, we thought it would be a nice idea to get a cake for Friday night when the whole family would be home, not only did it take the drama of baking it away, but the cakes from Born 2 Bake are delivered to your door!

I received a phone call to make sure we were in and 20 minutes later there was a cake in our kitchen, a massive towering Victoria Sponge Cake filled to burst with buttercream icing and jam, perfectly contained in a tupperware type cake box, we left it on the side until later. The kids nagged for the first hour or so as they were desperate to try it, but I wanted to wait until we were actually hungry so it wouldn’t be wasted. We decided to pop it in the fridge as we had eaten a massive home cooked dinner and I wanted the cake to be given justice, we kept it in the fridge overnight.

The next day, I was practically having to restrain the children from eating the cake before I was ready with the camera, out it came and I had to select a huge knife to be able to cut into it, the top was prettily sprinkled with caster sugar and it had a beautiful swirl effect to it, the sponge was soft and springy as the knife cut through to expose thick layers of strawberry jam and cream, the jam oozing down like hot lava.

We all grabbed a piece and the room went silent as everyone tucked in, the sponge was light and airy with a lovely spring to it, the buttercream icing was beautifully creamy and light and the jam was tangy and fresh, the sugar that was sprinkled on the top complimented the softness of the other textures, our only criticism was that there was a bit too much jam in the filling for our taste, but apart from that we really loved this cake.

This Victoria Sponge Cake is only £16 delivered to your door, you can have other fillings which include Lemon Curd, Blackberry Jam, Raspberry Jam and many others. This of course isn’t the only cake on offer, there are many more so do please visit the website to have a look.

This is a great way to have a home cooked cake without the stress or fuss of an afternoon in the kitchen – well done Born 2 Bake for such a great idea!

To buy one of these cakes for a party, dinner, special event or just as a treat, visit



Born 2 Bake Vistoria Sponge Cake


Born 2 Bake Vistoria Sponge Cake


Born 2 Bake Vistoria Sponge Cake


Born 2 Bake Vistoria Sponge Cake


Born 2 Bake Vistoria Sponge Cake


Born 2 Bake Vistoria Sponge Cake


Born 2 Bake Vistoria Sponge Cake Born 2 Bake Vistoria Sponge Cake

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