Good Food Guide | Lady Does Lunch at The Greyhound in Broughton - It's Worth a Thai! | Andover & VillagesWith the cold creeping in and ‘Blue Monday’ looming it was unanimously decided to pop out for a little lunch and a much needed January pick me up. The Greyhound Inn re-opened last year and with a reputation for great Thai food it seemed the perfect place to choose. Knowing ahead of time where we wanted to go we decided to use the convenient online booking option which proved a hassle free way to reserve a table in advance.

Situated in the idyllic village of Broughton the Greyhound has been thoughtfully renovated to sit comfortably in its surroundings. The spacious and stylishly decorated Inn has a warm and relaxed feel with a light and airy bar; my companion remarked on how very easy it would be to settle in for the afternoon and watch the cricket with a few beers. The restaurant is a beautifully decorated, ample dining room with enough scope to give each dining party plenty of breathing space. In addition the Inn offers a private dining room, available to book for private functions and parties with seating for up to 20 guests.

Upon arrival we were greeted by the very friendly Manager Richard Mawer who showed us to the dining area. It was fairly quiet as we had an early booking, so we were offered a choice of table. We were fortunate to be able to take advantage of the restaurants unique feature, seating next to a large viewing window looking into the kitchen. It was a great spot and fascinating watching chefs Simon and Wicky work, their masterful skills most definitely put my clumsy cooking to shame!

We were swiftly handed a menu, an extensive wine list and some delicious prawn crackers in a delightful half coconut shell to munch on whilst we browsed the choices. Our drinks orders were taken and returned sharply and we were given the time needed to deliberate.

I was impressed with the attention to detail in the service. For instance, I did not need to ask for water for the table, it was one of the first things we were asked. We were offered a choice of how we wanted our food spiced and given the opportunity to ramp up or reduce the heat. Richard was both knowledgeable and helpful and asked if we had any questions about the food or wine available…I did!

He promptly answered my “Where do you source?” query. All the food is comes from a specialist wholesaler in Reading to ensure the chefs have authentic ingredients to work with. He also provided advice on what side dishes complimented our mains which was very useful. The menu was full of variety without being an overloaded edible version of War and Peace, even so for the decisively challenged it still took some debating. Eventually it was voted the Mixed Starter Platter for Two at £13.50 seemed the ideal way to try a variety of tasty morsels.

Now, I am a Pad Thai fiend and would happily eat the dish every day if given half the chance, so the decision on the main was easy for me. But then I had to choose a main ingredient! From the selection of mixed seafood, roast duck, beef, king prawn, pork, chicken and vegetarian I resolved to go authentic and selected the chicken at £8.95. My companion fancied a little something spicy so plumped for the £10.95 Pad Ki Mao with a side of egg noodles, then lost his nerve and asked for a medium hot rather than a blow your head off hot.

Our starter arrived promptly and the smells that accompanied the beautiful dish brought back memories of travelling Asia. The chicken skewers were soft and aromatic and when dunked in the spicy satay sauce the combination was simply scrumptious. The crispy spring rolls smothered in the sweet, tangy chilli dip popped with flavour and the prawns were plump, perfectly cooked and tasted fresh from the sea. To top it all the delicate and dainty fishcakes were divine. Each part of the plate was a tasty little Thai treat, the perfect mix of hot, sour, salty and sweet.

With talk turning to recollections of adventures in the orient our mains arrived. I was a very happy bunny. I was in Pad Thai heaven. Chicken and flat noodles with crunchy bean sprouts, spring onions and carrots with hits of fish sauce, garlic and tamarind paste, all topped with crushed peanuts and a squeeze of lime juice….oh yes, I could definitely eat this every day of the week. It was superb.

My companion was unusually quiet when eating which was a sure fire way of knowing he was really enjoying his Pad Ki Mao. What is described on the menu as the ‘king of stir-fries’ certainly lived up to the hype. My partner in crime commented that the delicious mix of chicken, pork, king prawns and beef was beautifully combined with chilli, and how the dish as a whole was stunning. And Richard was right…the egg noodles complimented the dish perfectly.

By now we were both ready to loosen our belts and feeling very full indeed, but you have to have a pudding right?! The dessert menu comprised of a nice mix of traditional Thai and English puds and a wide selection of coffees and teas. Since neither of us had the capacity to polish off a whole dish we decided to share the Hot Chocolate Pudding with Vanilla Ice-Cream at £6 and a Cappuccino for £2.60 to wash it down.

As I said earlier I could happily eat Pad Thai every day, what I forgot to mention is that it would have to be followed by chocolate. And if that came in the form of the scrumptious gooey centred Hot Chocolate Pudding that Richard bought to the table that would be just fine! With a serving of silky smooth vanilla ice-cream on the side and a frothy sweet cappuccino to top it off, it was a splendid way to finish the meal.

Our meal and two cokes came to a total of £48.80 and it was well worth the money. We had a wonderful lunch at The Greyhound Inn. The professional and friendly staff, attentive service, relaxed surroundings and fantastic food left us feeling very spoilt…and wanting to go home pack our backpacks and head off back to the East.

The Greyhound also offers a Takeaway service. For more information, to book a table or to speak to a member of staff telephone 01794 301992 or email

Alternatively to take a look at the Inns website:

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