Lady Does Lunch at The Fox Inn TangleyWe decided last minute to go to the Fox at Tangley for lunch, having seen the odd tweet from them on Twitter, the Thai food sounded tempting and whilst I had been there around 18 months ago for lunch with the girls, the management style appeared to be a little different.

We drove over there and found that it was well-signposted and easy to find, we pulled up into the huge car park that I think you will nearly always find a space in and walked across the road to the pub itself which was looking very pretty. Outside had some lovely tables set up with a massive canopy parasol covering some of them from any potential rain or blazing sun.

We walked inside this gorgeous old world pub to be greeted by Lucasz (spoken as Woocash – we hope you are impressed we remembered!), the barman and waiter, I cannot impress upon you what a lovely, cheeky, helpful waiter Lucasz is, attentive yet not intrusive, he is the jewel in the Fox team, a fantastic front of house and one not to be overlooked. We introduced ourselves and Lucasz fetched the Managing Director of The Fox, Matt who then showed us around and told us a little about the food and concept, he helped us to find a table and left us to it. It must be quite nerve racking for any owner/manager of an establishment who knows we are there to review their food.

We sat down and were given our menus along with some yummy prawn crackers, there is a good deal on the lunch menu which gives 2 courses for £9.95 and there is a good selection to choose from, we did choose from that menu but I also wanted to try the chicken fried rice which was stated on the menu as having a heat of 3 chillies meaning it was hot, but I didn’t want it too hot so when Matt came to take our order, I asked if it could be half as hot, which he said was no problem – this was, he explained, because all the food is fresh and cooked to order. We ordered all 4 of the items on the lunch special starter menu and then I chose the Duck in Plum Sauce for my main and my friend ordered the Thai Green curry, well one of us had to!

As we waited, Lucasz noticed that we had finished the prawn crackers and looked over and indicated with his eyes that we could have some more, we nodded and he reappeared without any time at all with another bowl of them. The starters did not take long to appear at all and they were beautifully displayed on a platter with hand cut and carved beautiful vegetables, and fresh crunchy shredded lettuce.

I tried the Thai Fishcake first as this was not my favourite on the platter and I thought I would get it out of the way, however I was pleasantly surprised, I took a mouthful and the fish was not strong at all but the Lime burst through and filled my mouth with tingling fresh notes. The Duck Rolls were packed full of duck with a crispy outer shell, they were not fatty at all and had good quality meat inside. The Spring Rolls were bursting with a variety of vegetables packed inside a crispy outer shell, again not greasy or fatty. The Chicken Satay was served with a sprinkling of chopped spring onions, the meat was still springy and not overcooked, there was a residual heat running through the meat which was complimented by the thick, smooth and nutty satay sauce.

Our plates were cleared away promptly and the table was completely cleaned and dried, whilst we waited for the main courses, the table next to us had their food served whilst we were waiting for ours and it smelt gorgeous, one of their meals was served on a sizzling stone and it looked so yummy and the smell was divine. I wanted to know what it was and if I could have a taste, but I was polite and restrained myself!

Our meals arrived quickly and we weren’t disappointed, the aroma wrapped its way around and into all of our senses, the look of the meals was beautiful, so far it was all ticking the boxes, I almost forgot to take a picture as I was so keen to try the rice, I managed to take the pictures with a rumbling tummy that was desperate to try the food.

The rice, was sticky, really yummily sticky and filled with chicken, spring onions, water chestnuts, peppers, onions and carrots, all crunchy and delicious, chilli was bursting through all of the other flavours, an absolutely delicious rice dish, I thoroughly recommend it. The duck dish contained large thick meaty pieces of meat in a beautiful sweet sauce, there is no heat to this dish so if you do not like spicy foods, this would be a good one to try. The sauce was filled with baby corn and other vegetables, including green beans that were so fresh they squeaked on my teeth as I crunched into them.

The Thai Green Curry was bright and beautiful, served with a fresh fluffy fragrant boiled rice, it was a massive bowl of lime green curry swimming in a lovely sauce, filled with chicken, water chestnuts, green beans, red pepper and sweet basil. Lime exploded in our mouths with a building heat of chilli, not burningly hot but you can tell the chef knows what he is doing and is able to bring heat with great taste.

I hardly made a dent in my meal whilst my friend polished every last bit of his off, however I am glad I didn’t finish as we were then told The Fox does Takeaways and they would package up my food for us to take home, not only was I delighted with this, my 9 year old son was over the moon as he actually opted to have this for his dinner and polished the lot off.

We will definitely be going back to visit The Fox and the children want us to have a takeaway from there one weekend!

The Fox is open for food 7 days a week, please visit the website for more details and times,

I have given The Fox at Tangley a Gold award, because it absolutely deserved it! Well done team Fox!

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