We decided to pop down to The Coronation Arms towards the end of food service after a long week, it was Friday which the website and Facebook page tells us is Fish Day. A glorious day, we decided as a Family to sit outside in the sun whilst it was still here.

The Coronation Arms has recently been taken over by Chef Tom Peart who has bought his Father, Dave on board to run the bar side of things, we have been in a couple of times for a drink and in the first week a meal, so I am looking forward to seeing how the pub has evolved over the first few months of trading. The menu is on a blackboard which is okay, but I am not so keen on standing in the bar to choose my meal, although i guess I do choose quicker this way! The decor is clean and modern along with clean and refurbished toilets.

We ordered drinks and our food from the bar and made our way outside, it did not take long at all for the fresh, hot food to be served by the friendly barmaid/waitress.

As it was ‘Fish Friday; I ordered the Cod and Chips with garden peas, the batter on the fish was golden and crispy with soft fresh white flaky fish inside, the chips were homemade, fluffy inside with a nice crisp outer, a really lovely meal. The peas were cooked perfectly, nice and firm.

One of my children had the tuna melt ciabatta, it was a lovely fresh piece of bread stuffed full of tuna and cheese, I had a bite in the interest of writing this review and it really was very delicious and reasonably priced.

We also ordered a Ham and Cheese panini, this came with doorsteps of fresh ham and lovely melted oozing cheddar, the bread was crisp and fresh.

My eldest son had the Mutton Curry, I really do love how this is presented with the curry, rice and an onion bahji in separate bowls, today it came with a popadom, we did have this the first time we came and that time it had small homemade naan breads, it was a shame naan wasn’t included at all this time, however the rice was fluffy, the bahji crispy (and possibly the best one I have ever had in a non indian restaurant) and the curry was really delicious – the meat was at the point of melting in the mouth, the temperature of the curry was hot but not burningly so, it was okay for my 15 year old to eat and although he did mention it was hot, he polished off the lot. This is definitely our favourite dish from this hidden treasure of a pub.

Finally, my friend had the Rib Eye steak. We are quite reluctant to order steak when we go out as there have been occasions in other establishments that the steak is not cooked properly and is an expensive disappointment. However, we could not believe how perfectly cooked this steak was, it was so tender that a normal knife was able to cut through it negating the need for the provided steak knife.

The bill came to just over £60, we all had 2 drinks and with the food for five, this was a good value spend.

Please do go visit this pub, St Mary Bourne really isn’t that far from Andover, its only 4 miles from Augusta Park, you are advised to book ahead for an evening meal, check the website out for opening times and contact details: http://www.thecoronationarms.co.uk

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