Lady Does Lunch at the Bourne Valley Inn in St Mary BourneThe Bourne Valley Inn has a new Landlord and Landlady this Christmas, having arrived in the Summer of 2014. Billy and Ryan have taken over the reins and have bought a little extra to this village pub.

A warm welcome was waiting for us as we walked into the busy lunchtime service, with a roaring fire tempting us to the comfy chairs in front. We ordered drinks and headed over to it. We read the menus whilst toasting our cold feet by the fire.

We didn’t choose a starter and went straight for the mains, me choosing a Fish Finger sandwich on Brown Bread, (£5.95) with a side order of fries, and my friend the 8oz Burger (£11.95), which was served on a Brioche Bun, with Smoked Cheddar, Onion Rings and Fries. He opted to add Crispy Pancetta to it, which cost a further £1.50.

We asked about the vegetarian options after receiving a lot of requests for information via the Andover & Villages Facebook Page. Billy told us that they are happy to try and accommodate any of the dishes into vegetarian options, but specifically have the following on offer direct from the menu:

Upham Ale Rarebit – £5.50

Caesar Salad – £6.50/£9.50

Autumn Vegetable Hotpot – £6.50/£12.50

Wookey Hole Cheddar, Pickled Opinion & Tomato Sandwich – £5.95

Billy did say to please ask for variations available on the day.

There was only a small wait before a waitress arrived and asked us to take our seats and the food was brought over.

The Fish Finger Sandwich was packed full of jumbo fish fingers, moist flakey fish encased in a crispy breadcrumb, surrounded by lovely fresh thick granary brown bread. It came with a portion of handmade crisps, which were thin and elegant, crispy (!!) and with a sprinkle of sea salt.

The fries arrived in a small red pot and were piled up high. Thin and crispy with a perfect amount of bite, these were delicious fries!

My friend’s burger was a towering piece of art, presented with the onion rings atop the already magnificent burger, crammed with pancetta, cheese and a massive meaty burger.

The onion rings were light and crisp with soft onion inside. They perfectly contrasted with the salty pancetta, smoky cheese and meaty beef. The brioche bun was smooth and slightly sweet, with a spread of homemade mayonnaise delivering a light lemony tang.

This was a delicious main course and so we just had to try a dessert.

I ordered the Apple Tarte Tatin (£5.50), something I had wanted to try since watching celebrities fumble to make them on Hell’s Kitchen, and my friend chose the Lemon Tart (£5.50).

The desserts took ten minutes to arrive, although we were told this when we ordered, and it was explained that it was because of the Apple Tart Tatin being made to order.

We were not disappointed when the desserts did arrive. My Apple Tarte Tatin was served with a Spiced Apple Sorbet and Custard. The sorbet had a spicy clean taste that cut through the caramelised sweet and sharp tatin. The custard was a heady, creamy vanilla treat. I would have liked a bit more pastry on the tatin but it was absolutely delicious.

The lemon tart arrived with a raspberry sorbet, again fresh and clean, next to the tart lemon zinging through the creamy tart filling. The pastry was melt in the mouth, perfectly delicious and one I will be ordering next time.

What a delicious lunchtime meal we had at The Bourne Valley Inn. I fully recommend this country pub and restaurant for a meal or even a drink next to the fire, and I give it a well earned Gold Award!

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