{jcomments on}We went to this lovely, flowery country pub after visiting the fantastic ‘Beulah’s Vintage Attic’ nearby.

We parked in the ample car park and met a friendly cat, whom we enjoyed a chat and a stroke with, and went on into the lounge bar and ordered a White Wine and Lemonade and a pint of coke. The chatty and lovely bar man allowed my friend to have a taste of the Ringwood Best Bitter, which he earmarked for a pint later on. We took a seat outside, enjoying the fact that there was no rain and the odd splash of blazing sunshine.

We ordered a starter of ‘Crispy Mongolian Lamb’, which was tossed in a home-made hoisin sauce. We decided to share this, as all too often we order starters and are unable to finish the main course.

For the main, I ordered the Steak Sandwich with fries and a salad. My friend ordered from the special board, the Pork Fillet Kebab Skewers with Peppers, Onions, Cajun Spiced Rice & Tangy BBQ Sauce.

The starter came promptly, but was missing the Thai prawn crackers that were promised with it. However, it was absolutely delicious; the lamb fell apart as we touched it and the marinade was delightfully sticky, caramelised and glossy. It was missing a little something, and I imagine that would be rectified by the crackers, but it was yummy and definitely worth an order.

The waitress cleared away the starter plates and we settled back into the beautiful surroundings for a chat and a drink. It took some time for the waitress to reappear, but she did, bringing with her a beautifully presented steak sandwich. After cutting the meat in half, I was delighted to find that it was cooked perfectly, something, I might add, which I do not often find in any restaurant or pub.

The most disappointing thing of the entire meal was that, whilst my food had arrived, we had to wait over 5 minutes for my friend’s to arrive. That amount of time to wait is simply unacceptable. One meal should not have been brought out without the other, and when it did finally arrive, the waitress asked if we would like any sauces e.t.c. I asked for salt and pepper, which was not on the table, again disappointingly, and I watched as the waitress came back past our table with someone else’s meals, rather than fetch the bits to complete the service for our meal. I had to ask the waitress again, which is when she finally brought it.

Nonetheless, I almost completely forgive this, as the food was absolutely delicious.

The steak was cooked perfectly and served with big fat chips, with a nice crispy shell and a soft fluffy interior. The bap was soft and floury, with a toasted inside along with oodles of softened onions and the melt in the mouth steak.

The pork kebabs were fantastic, laced with a special Cajun BBQ sauce, which was almost a sweet & sour sauce. It was a little confusing but delicious nonetheless. The sticky rice was a little stodgy, but I actually prefer it like that. Unfortunately, my friend does not, so did not really eat that part.

The food itself at The Boot cannot be faulted as it was tasty, fresh and well thought out. I would only improve the kitchen/restaurant service.

The best bit of all is that with 2 glasses of white wine and lemonade (I know I know – but what’s a girl to do?), a pint of beer and a pint of coke along with a starter and 2 big main courses came to less than £45.

Thumbs up from the Lady Does Lunch team!

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Starter: Crispy Mongolian Lamb

Main: Steak Sandwich with Fries and a Salad

Main: Pork Fillet Kebab Skewers with Peppers, Onions, Cajun Spiced Rice & Tangy BBQ Sauce

A bucket of White Wine and Lemonade!
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