Lady Does Lunch at Frango Grill in Andover

We decided to try Andover’s Frango Grill, which opened in the town earlier in the year, for a lunchtime date.

Situated in Bridge Street, Andover, the Frango Grill is very shiny and new-looking from the outside, with great signage. As we walked inside, the same could be said of the interior. Laid out with nicely spaced booths that give the layout an American diner feel, there is a station that provides fizzy drinks and ice for the bottomless drinks you can buy, a selection of sauces and a sink to wash your hands in. I really like these little touches and additions.

We were greeted warmly by Tom, our waiter for the day, who asked if we had visited Frango Grill before. When he discovered that we had not, he went on to explain the ordering process and menu.

The menus were clean and easy to follow, especially the circular guide on the front that illustrated clearly the different dressings and their heat and flavouring.

I chose the Chicken Breast Fillet with Golden Fries and Garlic Bread (£8.99) and my friend chose a starter of sour cream & chive dip with warm pitta (£3.20), and for his main, the Double Chicken Breast Fillet Wrap with Golden Fries and Corn on the Cob (£12.75). I chose to have the Mild dressing, which promised enough heat to make my lips tingle! My friend chose the Herbie dressing that was full of lemon, lime and herbs. We also ordered a portion of plain sticky chicken wings (£5.25) and an extra portion of the spicy rice (£1.85).

The sour cream and chive with pitta bread came very quickly. The pitta was warm, fresh and soft and perfect for dipping into the creamy sour cream and chive dip.

Tom cleared away the plate and a few minutes later started bringing the food we had ordered for the main. There was a lot of it, but the reason is that we like to try a variety of dishes so that we can let Andover & Villages get a good feel for the variety and quality provided.

The Chicken Breast Fillet was presented in a Ciabatta bun, stuffed full of marinated chicken, lettuce, and salsa, a small cocktail stick stood proudly with a flag that indicated the marinade within. The chicken was moist and had just the right amount of heat, perfectly described on the menu, served with skinny golden fries that were cooked to perfection. The spicy rice was lovely, with peppers throughout and the right amount of spice. It was delicious. The garlic bread had a real homemade feel and was loaded with garlic and herbs. Made from sliced ciabatta, the outside shell was crisp and the centre fluffy and soft.

The sticky chicken wings confused me, I was expecting them to be laden with a sticky dressing. However, as I had asked for them to be plain, they were obviously not covered in sauce, but Tom assured me that they would be sticky and he was right. The outer chicken wing has a grilled crispy look and taste, but the chicken itself is sticky and moist. Delicious.

The Double Chicken Breast Fillet Wrap came sliced in two and was positively bursting with herby chicken, lettuce and salsa. Again presented with a flag to indicate the dressing. This meal was no mean feat. My friend says that it was divine and it is all he ever wants to order as it was so yummy! The corn on the cob was served with two small sticks to insert in each end to assist with eating, and it was fresh and firm.

My friend spied the dessert menu and ordered the Raspberry and White Chocolate Brulee Cheesecake, which was absolutely delicious, served with chocolate spears, glace cherries and a raspberry sauce. It was creamy and fresh.

Lady does Lunch gives Andover’s Frango Grill a fantastic GOLD for their food and service.

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