It’s all very confusing at the Top of the Andover Town High Street!

Last month we covered news that the LAB Computing shop at the top of town closing down and at the time spoke to the Owner, Gary Gillies who assured Andover and Villages that everything was okay and the the shop was NOT closing and all staff were safe and the company was still trading.

Gary Gillies told AaV today that the shop has now closed but it is business as usual for him and that the LAB Computing main company focus is and always was Business Support, Gary confirmed that only 3 repair jobs are outstanding from when the LAB shop was up and running and that they are in hand and now the company no longer requires a retail premises. All staff have retained their jobs with LAB.

Local businessman Dougie McCracken has taken over the old LAB premises in order to launch his new business, DMAC-IT, the website is up and running and the company is trading. It appears that the exact same services are being offered by Dougie such as phone, console, laptop repairs along with web design and social media assistance.

Dougie McCracken opens the doors to DMAC-IT today and is looking forward to receiving lots of repairs, I imagine Andover will be worried about the connection to LAB and the issues they experienced, but Dougie wants to reassure everyone it is a new company, run by new people just in the same shop!

You can get your phones, laptops and consoles fixed from today, by phoning 01264 333848 or popping into the shop at the top of the High Street!

DMAC-IT Opens in Andover High Street


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