During Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday 25th January Kit Malthouse MP asked Theresa May how she would help British entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

Speaking in a packed Commons chamber, he said that “…too few British entrepreneurs are connecting with the capital they need to start and grow” before asking the PM to “order a review into the enterprise investment scheme and the Seed enterprise investment scheme in the hope that they can be simplified helping to create the large pools of buccaneering capital that British industry needs.”

Praising the North West Hampshire MP for his work on the subject, the Prime Minister replied that the Treasury’s review of patient capital would certainly attempt to cover the issue before adding that the review of the barriers to long term investment by Sir Damon Buffini was seeking solutions.

Speaking later that afternoon he said: “Britain’s future success depends on us becoming a dynamic entrepreneurial economy and improving how we fund investment will be vital to that. We need to get the British people investing in our businesses.”

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