Kit Malthouse

North Hampshire MP, Kit Malthouse has pulled out of the leadership race to become leader of the conservative party, and ultimately, Prime Minister.

Announcing his decision on Twitter today, Kit Malthouse said, “I have decided to withdraw from the contest for the leadership of the Conservative Party. Thank you to all those who have supported me.”

The tweet was accompanied by an image of the following statement: “When I announced my intention to seek the leadership of the Conservative Party, I did so believing that I could make a real difference in delivering a Brexit that would command the support of the House of Commons. After 20 years in front line politics as a councillor, Deputy Mayor, MP and Minister, I also wanted to lead a new generation of Conservatives stepping forward at a time of profound change in our country.

“But that experience has also made me a realist and the last few days have demonstrated that there is an appetite for this contest to be over quickly and for the nation to have a new leader in place as soon as possible.

“As such it seems right to me that I withdraw my candidature and wish those remaining the very best, always recognizing there are going to be very challenging times ahead.”

Only five hours before, Kit had tweeted his plans for Brexit.

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