Kit Malthouse on the Queen's SpeechYesterday, Kit Malthouse MP spoke in praise of the “smorgasbord of legislative delights” in the Government’s Queen’s Speech, drawing particular attention to the Children and Social Work Bill and the Digital Economy Bill.

Kit believes that the Children and Social Work Bill forms the central plank of the Government’s agenda which aims to improve standards in the care of children and care leavers by Local Authorities, raise standards in social work, and boost the number of adoptions.

This follows Prime Minister David Cameron’s signal last October that a One Nation Conservative Government must help the most vulnerable.

Kit also had ideas about how the Bill could be improved, suggesting that if an advisor for every care leaver is possible, then early intervention with a tutor for every underperforming child in care should also be priority and is surely sensible during “critical ages for setting the foundation for the future”. Driving the point home, he said “we would not put our own children second to other requirements in our house, so why would we put children in care second”.

He also suggested that private schools could be encouraged to take in children in care given their charitable status. He noted that “If each private school were to take 20 children, which is not a huge amount in a school of 400 to 600, it would mean that every child in care could go to private school.”

Speaking of the Digital Economy Bill, Kit stated that it was “incredibly exciting for…rural constituencies, as it recognises that 25% of small businesses, that is half a million, are registered in rural areas” and that “allowing people to have the right to demand a universal service obligation of 10 megabits for their internet is absolutely critical.”

The rural economy in Britain is already an engine of growth and the Government hopes that ensuring better connectivity for everyone will provide a further boost.

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