Kit Malthouse Backs Dementia Research Yesterday Kit Malthouse MP spoke in the debate on Alzheimer’s to push dementia research to the top of the agenda.

Kit noted that the Government had “put dementia on the global agenda” and that in the last three years “£60 million had been pumped into research” with “an incredibly ambitious target for the doubling of dementia research by 2020”, however, Kit was adamant that this wasn’t enough “if we are to find a cure”.

In his contribution, he focused on capacity building endeavours that the government, charities and business are putting £300 million into, which are vital to keeping researchers in dementia research and enabling collaboration between research areas. Kit said that this must be central to our efforts because right now “70% of dementia PhDs leave the field within four years.” One of these capacity building efforts is the £150 million Dementia Research Institute Kit has championed as Deputy Mayor of London for Business and Enterprise and Chair of the Life Sciences All Party Parliamentary Group while an MP.

All this is important because dementia research “still very small in comparison with others, particularly bearing in mind the fact that the £26 billion annual cost (of dementia to the UK) is more than the combined cost to the country of cancer and heart disease”.

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