Health Hair & Beauty | Kerastraight Treatments at Salon 73Salon 73 has a wonder treatment in store that is making lives easier for women all across Andover and its Villages.

The Kerastraight keratin treatment does not contain Formaldehyde, so it will not straighten your hair until it is flat and lifeless, but it will leave it straighter and smoother. If you have frizzy hair or tight curls it will loosen and smooth them so you can just wash and leave, plus it makes it very easy to blow-dry your hair straight.

Andover & Villages met Catherine, who was having her second Kerastraight treatment at Salon 73. She had the first one in October 2014, and told us, “It was fantastic. I have very frizzy hair and I have to straighten it before I leave the house. I was amazed at how brilliant the treatment was.

“I was able to wash my hair and just blow dry it and it was straight and more importantly, not frizzy. I even let my hair dry by itself and it still dried straight and well conditioned. For the first time, my hair felt conditioned, soft and shiny with minimal effort.”

Included in the price are bottles of Kerastraight Shampoo and Conditioner, which Catherine said was enough for the whole 3 months her treatment lasted.

Salon 73 stylist Natasha Beeson told us, “It’s become a life saver for a lot of our clients, who have hair they just can’t control and who end up having to use hot straighteners daily to get the best look out of it. With this treatment, they can wash, blow dry and go!

“One of my customers had the Kerastraight treatment and it lasted nearly 6 months. It can last anything from 3-6 months.”

The treatment takes around 2 hours and costs £129 with after-care products included.

You can book a treatment with the girls at Salon 73 by calling them on 01264 326370 or by visiting their Facebook Page by clicking HERE

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