Kave Williams – Confused about Colour?Choosing the right colour for your home can be confusing and overwhelming; there is just so much choice! Nevertheless, altering the colour on your walls can be one of the most dramatic changes you can make to your home. Are you looking to increase the sense of “flow” within your home? Do you want to enhance the feeling of light and space in a room or create a sense of drama? Whether you want to feel energised, inspired, cocooned or relaxed; it is always, all about the colour.

Want to get your choice right? These are some suggestions to get you thinking…

  1. Don’t know where to start? Open your wardrobe! Chances are, you wearing some of your favourite colours. If you wear a lot of it, why not consider painting it on your wall?
  2. Consider light. Living in the UK our light is northern which means, crisp and cold with a blueish tinge. Accept that beautiful Mediterranean blue you fell in love with on holiday, may not work at home….
  3. Which way does your room face? The light in north facing rooms is already cool; so consider colours with a warmer tone. In contrast, although most colours work in south facing rooms, you may want cooler tones to calm the space. The morning light in east facing rooms is blue in quality; work with this by using colours with a blue or green tone. The evening sun in west facing rooms enhances warmer colours.
  4. Try before you buy. Paint an A4 piece of card with your colour choice and check how it looks in a room at all times of the day, in both natural and artificial light.
  5. Work with what you have. That small, dingy room with very little natural light will not suddenly appear bright, light and spacious just because you painted it white….be bold and embrace its lack of light by painting it a moody, dramatic dark colour.
  6. Consider the “flow” of your home. Choose colours that work together with the same tonal values so that the rooms within your home read as a whole.
  7. Try putting together a monochromatic scheme. Use one single colour in a variety of shades and tones. Think of your walls, ceiling, skirting and architraves as opportunities for layering.
  8. Remember it’s just paint…..if it doesn’t feel right; you can always change and paint over!

Still feel in need of some practical help and advice? Kave Williams based in Cottonworth near Andover have just become stockists of Little Greene paints and wallpapers. Why not pop in and have a chat with their colour consultant over a cup of coffee; whether it’s one room you are considering or the whole house, some expert advice can help translate your ideas into a wonderful colour scheme.

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