Junction Road Rampage Woman Named and ChargedWool Grove resident, 34 year old Louise Barlow has been charged with burglary, criminal damage and breaching an anti-social behaviour order, after a rampage at the weekend which ended with bloody scenes in Junction Road and the Magic Roundabout public house.

Louise Barlow, was seen running down Junction Road on Sunday 7th June 2015, reportedly covered in blood, trying to gain access to people’s property and jumping on cars, damaging them.

An eyewitness said, “There was a woman running down junction road covered in blood. I stopped to ask her if she was okay, she said I’m going to smear your car with blood, which she did.

“The blood did not look to be coming from her she then jumped on all the parked cars in the road. I was very scared and worried about who’s blood it was”

Another witness from the area said, “I was talking to a chap living in Junction Road. He said she tried to get into his gate (after squashing the roof of his car) and the back of his gate was covered in blood too.”

The woman was also seen acting bizarrely in the Magic Roundabout pub, a witness said, “She grabbed a child in the play area (the officers told us this after) then when we got there she turned her attentions to us – completely off her face and kicked and (tried to) punch him!”

The police attended the scene and took Louise Barlow away who was due to be seen by Basingstoke Magistrates today.

Andover Police are asking witnesses to come forward by calling 101 quoting 44150192295.

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