Julie Felix

Saturday 16 May 8pm

Julie Felix celebrated 50 years in the world of music last year.  In 1964 Julie arrived in England from California and became the first solo folk artist to be signed to a major British record company when she signed with Decca.  In 1966 she became the resident singer on the popular “Frost Report”, and quickly became a household name. She went on to appear in her own TV series and recorded hit singles such as “If I could”, “Heaven is Here” and of course “Going to the Zoo”.

On sale to Spotlight Members at the Box Office Friday 20 and Saturday 21 March.   On general release and available on line from Monday 23 March.

Steve Harley

There are those among us who just have to play and sing; to whom there can be no question of quitting; to whom their work is not a job but a calling. Julie Felix is one such musician.

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