Lidl Andover new store

Andover and Villages visited the new Lidl Store this weekend situated on the Columbus Quarter on Walworth Industrial Estate, neighbouring Starbucks and Greggs.

The new store was opened last week by Andover Town Councillor and Town Mayor Richard Rowles.

Apart from being all shiny and new, the sparkling new store is bigger than the town centre shop, the bakery is larger and the selection of fresh, grocery and frozen food is much wider.

A Lidl employee told Andover and Villages that they took a phenomenal £50k on Friday 13th September, not such an unlucky day for Lidl!

The parking spaces are great, nice and roomy, but there is definitely a need for some arrows and junction lines being painted.

Eighteen people have been employed to work in the new store.

Lidl Andover new store

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