I am fairly sure that this has appeared on a local site at some point, but when I stumbled upon it, it did make me raise an eyebrow and a curl of a smile, it was written some time ago as it does refer to Andover not having a cinema, however a lot of the sentiments remain the same, backed up by many of the comments added to it.

However, I do have some issues with some of the original poster’s comments, I have been having my hair cut in Andover for some 30+ years and have never had anyone jump up and stop rapping, but if they did, I am sure Siobhan and Stella (The Fab Roots to Endz gang) would deal with them swiftly.

I have also never been asked ‘watchya say abaaat ma muffa?’ and I have lived here for a long time.

I feel a little defensive about our Town as in the main, I think it is a nice place to live, there is, as with any location, more undesirable spots and people than others, but that’s life and that’s what makes the world go around, Diversity (not the group you understand.)

I would like to know what the writer feels about his home town 8 years on and if anyone knows who he is, please do get in touch on editor@andoverandvillages.co.uk

The original comments can be seen in full by clicking on the following link:


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