Internet Matters Parliamentary Drop-In and Online Abuse DebateOn Stand Up to Bullying day and ahead of a House of Comments debate on online abuse Kit showed his support for keeping children safe online.

Hosted by Mims Davies MP, Internet Matters held a Parliamentary drop-in to show how industry is tackling this important issue.

Carolyn Bunting, the General Manager of Internet Matters, was present to discuss the group’s work. Keeping children safe online is an increasingly significant issue for families across the country; sexting, online pornography and cyberbullying have all made headlines recently and parents are often confused about what they need to do to help keep their children safe.

Advertise with Romsey & VillagesIn the debate that followed Kit noted that “the internet and social media have brought about two big changes…First, bullying is now 24/7 and…inescapable…secondly, social media has unfortunately decreased our children’s resilience, creating a whole host of exploitable vulnerabilities”. Later in his speech he called for the law to catch up with the technological changes of the internet age.

Parents looking for more information on how to keep their kids safe should go to

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