Lifestyle News | Insurance Giant Set to Honour Electronic Claims in Wake of Aviation Ban | Andover & VillagesAllianz Global Assistance UK has confirmed that it will cover UK customer travel insurance claims made because of loss of, or damage to, electronic devices checked in with hold baggage by passengers flying to the UK from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. This follows an announcement from government that there will be imminent changes to aviation security measures for selected inbound flights from these countries, resulting in the restrictions to devices taken on board.

Valuables – including electronic devices – carried in suitcases, trunks or similar containers are typically excluded from travel insurance cover unless they are on the customer’s person all the time.

Any electronic device larger than length: 16.0cm, width: 9.3cm, depth: 1.5cm, which includes plus size mobile phones, Kindles, laptops and tablets, will fall under the new aviation security rules. Standard size mobile phones will be allowed in the cabin.

Cover from Allianz Global Assistance for loss of or damage to electronic items, will be up to the limits provided by the customer’s existing policy and subject to all other terms of cover. However, the company suggests customers should read the terms and conditions of the policy carefully to fully understand the limits provided. In addition, it stresses that a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) must be obtained from the carrier in support of any claim made. Most airlines have a dedicated baggage desk within the baggage claims area where this can be attained.

Barry Smith, Allianz Global Assistance Underwriting Manager UK and Ireland adds: “It’s important to note that any other items of electronic equipment and valuables* which are not included in these restrictions such as cameras and MP3 players, but which have been checked in to the hold by customers, will not be covered in accordance with our policy wording.

“As well as taking the time to thoroughly understand the terms and limits of the policy ahead of their departure, UK customers travelling to and from the countries affected, should check the cover provided by their household and gadget insurers, as this may already provide cover.

“Sadly, those who do not adhere to these latest travel restrictions, and have items confiscated by the authorities, could face having their claim declined. The safest way to avoid unnecessary inconvenience or potential loss is to limit what you take on your travels, taking essential items only, when flying to and from the countries included in the new aviation security measure.”

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