Time is running out to lodge an objection to the plans to build a massive incinerator in the Barton Stacey area.

It is predicted that the plant would burn half a million tons of waste each year, with the resulting plume of smoke covering the surrounding villages and Andover town.

This week, Test Valley planning councillors decided unanimously that the developers have not provided enough information to allow people to make up their minds about the scheme.

Objection group, ‘Bin the Incinerator’ are campaigning to stop the incinerator from being built locally, Test Valley Borough Council and Whitchurch Town Council have also voted to object to the build of the giant recycling plant.

Kit Malthouse has stated that he does not think the area is suitable for such plans.

Objections to the incinerator, that will be as big as two cathedrals, can be made up to the 12th December 2019.

You can lodge your objection to the incinerator by clicking on this link and filling out the form:


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