Incident at Enham Arch Andover - UpdateMore details have come in regarding the incident at Enham Arch this afternoon.

A local woman was driving on the Newbury Road, towards Andover Town Centre, when a female pedestrian stepped out before the railings at the traffic lights without looking. The driver of the car hit the pedestrian, knocking her over.

The pedestrian was injured and taken to hospital. A family member has confirmed that she has since had a seizure from serious head injuries, sustained in the incident.

The driver told Andover & Villages, “I was driving with my daughter, towards town, and a lady stepped into the road without looking. I was unable to stop quickly enough and I knocked her over. The lady did not appear to have any serious injuries, and she admitted that she didn’t look before stepping out. She was taken to hospital to be checked over.”

The driver of the car and her daughter were unhurt and allowed to go home after being talked to by police on the scene.

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