How to do a home renovation on a budget

Everyone has a lot of ideas about how their perfect house would look like. But in reality, creating a renovation plan isn’t that simple. You can’t just choose whatever you like, because you won’t be able to afford all of it. That’s why it’s important to stay realistic when planning the changes you want to implement. And don’t worry if you have to stay within a given budget. There are hundreds of projects you can use to completely transform your living space without having to spend a lot of money.

Keep your budget in mind

Sure, making grand plans is always fun. But if you just go with the things you want without thinking about the costs, there’ll come a moment when your renovation will just stop halfway because you won’t be able to afford to continue. To make sure you won’t overspend, create a list of things you plan to do. Take your time with it, and carefully check different options available to you.

Maybe the paint you want will be cheaper in a slightly different shade? And are you really sure that the contractor your friends hired to renovate their house offers the best prices? Don’t be afraid to ask around to find a better deal. But at the same time, be careful – if the cost is suspiciously low, it may be a warning sign. Another thing you need to keep in mind is the contingency you need to include in the budget in case something unexpected comes along.

Start with decluttering

After years of living in one place, you gather a huge number of things. And truth be told, you don’t even need nor use a lot of them. So when you start thinking about renovating, the first step you should take is throwing out all the pieces of furniture you don’t like and all the little trinkets that only collect dust. If you also rearrange the layout of your rooms a bit, you’ll be surprised to see how big of a difference such simple changes can make. You’ll be able to see your space in a different light, and your expectations can shift a bit. Decluttering doesn’t require that much work, but it’ll be very helpful in deciding which parts of the house really need to be remodelled.

Use the elements you already have

When you go through home decor magazines, you’ll find many great projects to implement in your house. We like new things, so we get interested in all the newest solutions. But turning your whole place upside down will generate huge costs. And if you’re working on a budget, you simply cannot let that happen. So look around the building and try to find elements that have the potential to be great but simply aren’t highlighted in the right way. Every building has a few of those. Box sash windows can become the centre of your whole interior design, and the only thing your old wooden floors need is the right carpet to bring out their beauty. And don’t be afraid to use paint, you can do a lot more with it than simply repaint the walls. Give your old furniture a second life with new colours. And with the right type of paint, you can even paint over the tiles to completely transform your bathroom and kitchen without having to spend money on re-tiling.

Get to work

Probably the easiest way to cut down on the cost of renovation is by doing the most of the work by yourself. Sure, some tasks need professional knowledge, but there is a lot of simple things you should be able to finish on your own. It’ll take more time, since you’ll only be able to work in your free time, but you’ll save a lot of money this way. Just remember to consider your DIY skills and experience before deciding whether you’ll look for help or not. Everyone can completely transform their home, without having to think about removals to Pinner, Harrow or any other place.

You can stay in the neighbourhood you know and love, and give your old house a new look without spending a fortune on it. With a bit of creativity and a good plan, you’ll be able to create something amazing even with limited resources.

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