How to Choose the Right Dishwasher

A modern kitchen is completely different from that of 20 years ago. The evolution of technological progress has led to such appliances as a washing machine, an oven, an electric kettle, a microwave, a fridge, a blender.

In this article, we will consider another major invention of modern life, which can save time and improve our lives, a dishwasher.

To choose the right dishwasher, we have to decide what we need it for and whether we need it at all. According to DishwaherFAQ, there are several reasons for purchasing:

  • Saving your personal time;
  • Washing dishes at any time, even when you are away from home;
  • No hot water required;
  • Significant savings: water consumption with a dishwasher is reduced by 3, 5, or more times compared to washing dishes by hand;
  • The ability to use powerful detergents that are not applicable when dishes are washed by hand;
  • Rinsing is carried out at a high temperature, which allows you to completely clean the surface of dishes from detergents.

At the same time, it’s necessary to mention some important disadvantages:

  • Price of a dishwasher. Each owner of the appliance will confirm that the purchase is worth it, but it’s up to you to decide.
  • It takes up space. You need to think in advance where to place another, not the smallest appliance with free access to the door, loading/unloading dishes.
  • Energy consumption of the dishwasher. It’s one of the most powerful among household appliances. An apartment or house should have secure wiring. Typically, the machine has sensors that detect the number of dishes and even contamination. The appliance itself detects the need for water and energy. When connecting to an external hot water source, it’s possible to save energy.
  • The dishes made of some materials cannot be washed in a dishwasher. This can include metal (made of tin, aluminum, copper), heat-resistant plastic, and wooden dishes.
  • Detergents for dishwashers. Now you need to use chemicals for washing dishes.

The dimensions of dishwashers

You can choose the right dishwasher first of all by size.

  • The standard dishwasher size can hold from 10 to 13 sets of dishes. It’s suitable for a family of 4-5 people. Such appliances usually have several modes and functions.
  • Narrow dishwashers are designed to hold less than 8-10 sets. Such dishwashers are perfect for owners of small kitchens. As a rule, they save from 10 to 15% of the budget. 
  • There are also compact dishwashers that can hold up to 8 sets of dishes. They are suitable for small families and cottages, as well as for small kitchens. They can be installed in a hinged cupboard or on a table. However, before choosing this type of dishwasher, you should know that it’s equipped with the minimum functionality. Still, this is the most economical option that is suitable for families of up to 3 people. It’s impossible to wash a pan and a pot in such an appliance.

Types of dishwashers

There are two types:

  • built-in appliances;
  • freestanding.

Which dishwasher to choose? It all depends on the possibilities of the kitchen space and your preferences in terms of interior design. In any case, you should familiarize yourself with both models. Built-in dishwashers, in turn, are divided into fully and partially built-in, they differ in the location of the control panel.

Economical or powerful dishwasher?

Another important aspect is the power of a dishwasher. Manufacturers offer us seven energy classes, usually in Latin letters from A to G. Class A is the most economical, and class G represents the most powerful and energy-intensive devices. Usually, “D” to “G” dishwashers are old models or professional appliances.

Functionality of dishwashers

You should also take into account the functionality of your future dishwasher. 

Standard functions are:

  • prewash;
  • washing with hot water and detergents;
  • rinsing with detergent;
  • drying dishes with hot air.

More expensive models are equipped with several operating modes, which greatly increase their functionality

  • intensive high-temperature washing up to 75 °C;
  • brittle dish mode 30-40 °C;
  • fast washing: rinsing after low-fat liquid food immediately after eating.

Some models can also be equipped with these features:

  • filtration and self-cleaning system,
  • waste crusher,
  • protection from children,
  • delaying the start,
  • height adjustment of the upper basket,
  • the Aqua Stop function,
  • partial load mode.

The dishwasher is connected to the water supply and sewerage system with special hoses. The distance to the sewerage system shouldn’t exceed 5 feet.

Which dishwasher is better: a built-in or freestanding?

Since you have decided to equip your kitchen with this latest technology, and the kitchen has enough space, it’s better to choose a built-in dishwasher. The kitchen will look better, and such models are usually more comfortable.

What to consider when choosing a dishwasher in a store

When you choose a dishwasher, make sure that the model has a complete set of equipment.

The standard built-in dishwasher includes:

  • dosing unit;
  • front door (open);
  • bottom basket;
  • upper basket;
  • air path of the drying system;
  • bottom sprayer;
  • upper sprayer;
  • cutlery basket;
  • pressure pump;
  • filter.

After that, make sure that the device is suitable for you in terms of functionality:

  • the height of the baskets can be adjusted and is big enough to wash large-size dishes;
  • the possibility of changing the tilt;
  • the chamber has internal lighting;
  • the possibility of fixing the door;
  • heat exchanger;
  • additional removable spray nozzles;
  • availability of self-cleaning filter (significantly saves water);
  • stainless steel elements;
  • screw supports (if you have an uneven floor).

Taking care of a dishwasher

A few tips that will extend the life of the machine are clean the filter from time to time, sometimes wash the baskets for dishes, use additional care products, wipe the case of your appliance.

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