Health & Fitness News | How is Your January Fitness Going? | Andover & VillagesNew Year starts with resolutions and all good intentions of training numerous times a week in order to increase fitness or lose those pounds you spent last year planning to lose but never did! Often this enthusiasm starts to flag mid to end of January.

What it is important to understand is that the change needs to be a long term commitment, with short, medium and long term goals that are achievable and realistic.

Progression Fitness understands that weight loss and fitness is a lifestyle change and it sometimes takes a while to build that habit.

One thing that is visible at Progression fitness is that it is a very social, relaxed non- competitive environment. The team understand the importance of clients feeling comfortable at their gym. Clients are encouraged to push themselves at a pace suitable to them, whist being consistent with their training programme. If you commit to training 3 – 4 times a week it is important that you stick to this. But over training can be counter-productive, so making sure you have that balance is important.

Becky from Andover who has been at the gym for 6 months says, ‘I have lost weight, gained confidence and made friends. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Joining Progression Fitness was the best decision I ever made.’

If losing weight and or fitness is your New Years resolution, then give Progression a call or drop in for a chat. They will really support you through your lifestyle change!

You can pop in to the gym on Walworth Industrial Estate, call them on 01264 392239 or visit their web site –

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