Lifestyle News | Household Bills Worry | Andover & VillagesA LACK of sunlight and gloomy weather are not the only aspects of winter which get Brits down at this time of year – household worries are also attributing, according to new research.

The survey of 1,067 UK adults conducted by heating oil supplier, Super Saver Oil has revealed that 67% of Brits are unprepared for a winter household emergency.

Boiler breakdowns (43%) topped the list as the household emergency Brits are least prepared for during the winter season.

Meanwhile, 32% of Brits revealed that they were also unprepared for gas leaks and 25% said it was freezing pipes in the home.

Getting locked out of the home (21%) completed the list of the top household emergencies Brits are unprepared for at winter.

Only 1 in 5 (20%) said they would know how to prevent a winter household emergency.

Despite this, 37% said they would know who to call in the event of a household emergency.

Mark Hackett, project manager at Super Saver Oil, commented: “It’s not surprising to see that Brits are worried about numerous factors this winter season. As the weather gets increasingly colder, breaking boilers or freezing pipes is going to be on the rise among many households in the UK.

“With Christmas just around the corner, our advice would be to ensure that you stock up on items as early as possible, plan ahead, and find out who is best to contact if any of these problems occur. Christmas is meant to be an enjoyable time, so by planning ahead this will help Brits to not worry and they can fully embrace the winter season.”

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