Homebase in Andover

I went shopping in Homebase a week or so ago to buy 2 new blinds for my bathroom and toilet, I opted for a bright Fuschia Roller Blind and with measurements in hand bought perfectly sized 60cm and 1.2m blinds, I paid for my purchases and awaited a ‘handy man’ to come and fit them the next day. The small toilet window blind was fitted and when the larger one was opened, it appeared to already have been cut down in size previously and was missing the fixings and pull mechanism.

I returned to Homebase a few days later, dreading there not being a replacement 1.2m blind, one reason was because the other pink one had been already been fitted and the other, I had booked the ‘Handy Man’ to return on the Monday morning first thing, to my dismay there was no blind in my chosen colour, as I stood with my head in my hands wondering what to do with only 2 days before it was to be fitted, the Store Manager, Damon Kemp happened to walk past and ask me what was wrong.

I explained and he asked me to follow him, I stood chatting about Marshmallows and the ‘Chubby Bunny’ game with my nine year old as we waited and then Damon told us that he had arranged for the Andover Assistant Store Manager to collect a blind from Winchester Branch and bring it in to Andover Homebase first thing in the morning.

True to his word, we visited the store the following afternoon and Lou, the Assistant Store Manager had a blind waiting for us in her car, she was friendly and polite and handed the blind over to us seamlessly.

I cannot thank the team at Andover’s Homebase enough, I find that the last few years the service and more importantly customer service has been unfaltering, especially under the watchful eye of Damon. Lou is clearly gearing up to be another Manager extraordinaire.

Thank you to Damon for his vision in sorting out a customer’s issue and to Lou for executing it so well.

Andover and Villages give Homebase a GOLD award for their outstanding Customer Service on this occasion.

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Homebase in Andover

Assistant Manager, Lou 
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