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250 more tickets for the previous sold-out situation of Wight Air Ambulance, Dash in the Dark, have been released.

The 5 km night tour on Hampshire and Wight Air Ambulance Isle will be in place on Sunday 21 September with all benefits. The following is a written press release, but if you want more information or photos please don’t bother to email me. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

Were 5 km of pleasant flights lost on 21 September for the Hampshire Island and Wight Air Ambulance, Dash in the dark? Don’t toss your neon paint back! Just don’t throw back!

Due to its unprecedented demand, HIOWAA tried to acquire another 250 bedrooms, all revenues for the charity that saves lives.

On Southampton Common, when the sun sets, the Dash is fed by wind, sunlight, sound and fog stations and attendees will running, skipping, dancing, jumping or wandering along the 5-kilometer route.

Nicole Davies, HIOWAA’s Events fundraiser, said “The first 500 Dash spots in the dark were sold as soon as we anticipated, and we are glad to secure another 250 spots to those who still wanted to be there.” She added: “An exciting and distinguished challenge, like Dash in the dark, helps to raise the vital funds to sustain the operation to save lives.” “At the end of the race, every member will obtain a Dark T-shirt formal dash and the black medal glowing. The whole trail is light and plotted carefully, and top lights are critical.

Registry: full adult cost â £ 20 Complete baby price â€16 For registration or more details, please visit www.hiowaa.org.

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